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I has lived in Denver Metro Area in Colorado for over 30 years. Raised 3 boys and it is now time to take all that they have taught me as well as my corporate business knowledge to helping small to mid size companies grow and out distance the competition.

I have an in-depth understanding of online marketing, reputation marketing and specialize in consulting with companies to create online marketing strategies that build 5 Star Reputations as well as help those companies leverage their reputation to convert more customers.

I believe Trust is the Holy Grail to getting more of and keeping your existing customers.

Personal Mission: To inspire those that I meet to reach their Greatest Potential.

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Whether B2B, B2C or B2 ANYONE -reputation is something that simply cannot be ignored. Instead of taking the traditional “Passive Approach” and hoping for the best, smart marketers focus on the 3 main aspects of an organization’s reputation and learn to leverage their reputation to the fullest capacity to gain more market share, increase their profits, and dominate their competition.

ACTIVE strategies that allow any business become the clear and obvious choice in their market.

This encouraging talk helps businesses understand how to specifically target their market and how to build a powerful system for finding their customers online, generating more leads, and converting those leads into paying customers.

Practical and tactical advice on each one of these specific strategies to help them all work together in finding more customers and dominating the market.

With new technologies emerging, businesses are finding it harder to use the internet to market, communicate, and effectively brand their organization. Use “Leading Edge” marketing strategies that any organization or professional can use to position themselves as the expert, instantly engage the marketplace, create top of mind brand recognition, and sell more products and services.

STep 1

Free Consultation to see if we can work together and Review you Current Strategies

Step 2

I provide you a simple plan and what your investment would be

STep 3

Implementation and Monitoring of Increased Rate of Return

Step 4

Expansion of your Marketing Efforts if Desired


The Material in this Book if done correctly will have a serious impact on growing your business.

It does not have to be complicated to get your Brand Message online so that you can sell your Products and or Services and Grow your Business.

ISBN-13: 978-1977921666
ISBN-10: 1977921663

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